Purpose Before Product, Experience Before Retail

Retail Insight recently sat down with Hernan Martinez, CEO of Cuestamoras Urbanismo, to discuss the changing landscape of shopping centers as they become more of a community center for the cities they service. Martinez has firsthand experience with this as he and his company develop Oxigeno, a mixed-use project in San Francisco, Costa Rica, that offers four unique zones that incorporate entertainment, shopping, dining, green areas, and the local Heredia neighborhood.

RECon 2018: A Pivotal Year in Retail’s History

There is change, and then there is change. While talk has been rampant for the past couple of years that the industry is evolving in ways never before seen, 2018 seems to be the pinnacle of that momentum, according to many attendees at ICSC’s RECon, taking place May 20 to 23, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Moreno Valley’s Growth Inspires Retail Expansion

Situated in the fastest-growing region of the United States, the Inland Empire’s Moreno Valley, California, is only an hour away from Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties and less than three hours from Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. At an annual growth rate of 5.04 percent, Moreno Valley’s population of 210,000 is booming.

Do Amazon’s Latest Moves Signal Strength, Confidence in Brick-and-Mortar Retail?

Retail real estate has more than just a slight emphasis on the property portion of the retail landscape. Since most shopping center players have had that part of the equation down pat, many of these real estate experts are now focusing on their counterpart. They’re ramping up their online, social media and other technology-driven strategies to create a well-rounded omnichannel approach that caters to a wide array of customers.

Mixing Uses for a Winning Retail Strategy with RaCo Real Estate’s Ralph J. Conti

Ralph J. Conti, principal and managing member of Atlanta-based RaCo Real Estate, is a development partner on Celebration Pointe, a 1-million-square-foot, mixed-use development in Gainesville, Florida. The 160-acre project includes office and residential components, along with a barrage of retail, restaurant and entertainment offerings that continue to roll out on a regular basis.

Retail Insight sat down with Conti recently to discuss the future of retail development and whether we will see more mixed-use projects with diversified retail offerings in the near future.

Today’s Long-Term Shopping Center Strategy? Invest in Short-Term

Retail leasing is typically viewed as a long-term commitment. After all, these deals take a great amount of work, and all parties must come to the table confident this will be a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come. Fast fashion and foodie trends may change, but the long-term viability of shopping center owners and tenants is dependent on their ability to both adapt and stay the course.

Like everything else in business, however, balance is key. Expand too fast and a retailer risks alienating customers. Sign today’s trendiest tenants to 10-year leases and a shopping center owner may find he’s the one in No Man’s Land seven years from now.

National Retail Vacancy Approaches Record Low

Scott Holmes, national director of retail in Marcus & Millichap’s Phoenix office, noted in his last Retail Insight Q&A that the national retail vacancy rate at the end of 2017 was 5.1 percent. Holmes and his team believe this rate may hit or even fall below 5 percent this year. Retail Insight sat down with Holmes once again to discuss this trend more in depth, particularly as news surrounding store closures, consolidations and threats from e-commerce continue to swirl.

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