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Editorial Statement & Standards

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Student Housing Business focuses on the macro issues impacting real estate, the economy and higher education through the
prism of student housing real estate. The magazine addresses not only deals and trends, but the numbers behind the deals and
the industry leaders shaping the trends.
Student Housing Business is written and designed for owners, investors, developers, brokers, lenders, vendors, suppliers and others
allied to the industry. It also speaks to college and university housing, real estate and business officers and focus on the critical
connection between student housing and overall campus real estate resource management. Given the growing movement toward
student housing joint ventures between investors/developers and colleges/universities, it is more important than ever that each group
is aware of the challenges and issues the other faces and the magazine will address that both through its editorial mission and
Are you a leader in the student housing industry and looking to let all the leading players in the business know it? Do you want
to get your message across to top owners/investors/developers in the industry as well as the college and university housing and
real estate officials who work in student housing everyday? Is it important for you to position your product or service in front of the
executives that make the buying decisions in this niche? Then France Publications has you covered as we serve and interact with the
student housing real estate industry in print through Student Housing Business, online via www.studenthousingbusiness.com, and
face-to-face through InterFace Student Housing conferences and events.

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